Decade of Chaos

Decade of Chaos It’s been more than ten years since David Cameron’s government shook up the system for children with special educational needs and disabilities (Send) in England. But let’s be real – things have never been more messed up. Instead of making things better, the changes have turned into a battleground between families, schools, and councils. And guess what? It’s all because the government didn’t cough up enough cash to make their own policies work.

Parents are left fighting tooth and nail for the support their kids need to thrive in school. With long waits for autism assessments and delays in getting education plans sorted, families are stuck in limbo. And even when plans are finally in place, many kids still aren’t getting the support they’re entitled to. It’s a recipe for disaster, leaving families feeling helpless and kids missing out on the education they deserve.

Funding Fails to Keep Up

Sure, councils have seen a bump in funding for high-needs provision, but it’s not enough to keep up with the growing demand. And guess what? The government knows the system is busted. They’ve promised reforms, but it’s too little, too late. And instead of owning up to their mistakes, some higher-ups are blaming parents for speaking out and taking councils to task.

Growing Needs, Shrinking Support

There are half a million young people in England with EHCPs, and even more with additional needs that don’t quite hit the mark. But why the surge in numbers? Well, it’s complicated. Extending the age range to 25 without thinking it through didn’t help matters. Plus, years of budget cuts and school reforms have made it tougher for kids who learn differently to fit in. And let’s not forget about the pandemic – it only made things worse.

A Broken System

Without proper Send provision, the school system is like a puzzle missing crucial pieces. For families caught in the middle, it’s a nightmare of unmet needs and wasted potential. Every year spent waiting for assessments or decisions is precious time lost for these kids. But it’s not just about them – it’s about the future adults they’ll become, lacking the skills and experiences they need to thrive.

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