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Confessions of a Shameless Mom

Confession...I am a shameless mom. I will talk about the good, bad, and ugly parts of parenthood with anyone. I think being real about our lived experiences is so important.   My launch into motherhood was traumatic and messy.   I'm not afraid to talk about...

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Time, Training, and Tools for Employee Success

Setting up systems that make your organization operate more efficiently and ensure employee success is the job of a leader. When we discover new software or hear a clever idea for project management, we get excited about the possibilities.   In my work as a...

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Take Action to End Family Separation

It is a renewed era for violence and white supremacy in America. The humanitarian crisis at my country's southern border is an atrocity that is fully avoidable. As I've said before, we have an openly white supremacist president and he is steamrolling equity and...

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