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How to Achieve Your Professional Goals

Cutting up magazines is the first step in my annual goal setting and planning process. I know that may sound strange, but it’s always where I begin. Finding words and images that inspire me and collaging them into a vision for my year ensures that I avoid being too...

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Why You Shouldn’t Keep Separate Calendars

"I like to keep my personal life and professional life separate." This is a phrase I commonly spoke in my first few years in the professional world. I was so attached to this mantra that I refused to attend the company holiday party or become anything more than casual...

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5 Easy Tips to Host a Breakthrough Staff Retreat

Are you feeling a bit busy right now? There’s a lot to do, the weather is changing, the weeks are fast but the days are slow. In my 18 years of working in schools and nonprofits, whenever I see signs of burnout, I recommend a staff retreat. What are you seeing and...

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