You are a visionary leader.


 And you also understand the importance of strategy and personal growth.


You know you are serving the world with your strengths.

But sometimes you need a little guidance and accountability.


Sometimes the work is disheartening and lonely.



Still, the work is 100% WORTH IT.


You deserve to get the support you need so that you can realize your full potential as a leader who grows every year and rallies the community around your shared vision.

All you need are the right resources, mentorship, and strategy to get you there.

Let me show you how.


Take Action to End Family Separation

It is a renewed era for violence and white supremacy in America. The humanitarian crisis at my country's southern border is an atrocity that is fully avoidable. As I've said before, we have an openly white supremacist president and he is steamrolling equity and...

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You can only sprint for so long…

Recently a lot of the school leaders I work with have told me that they feel like they want to quit. Frankly, some of them should because their situations are untenable. For many people, the problem is more a matter of systems and strategy.   If there aren't...

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Authentic Teacher Appreciation

There are many ways to engage in teacher appreciation: lattes, catered lunches, spa days. These are all effective and, speaking as a former teacher, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. However, there's something more you can do. It won't cost you anything, but it could change...

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