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How to Fix a Big Mistake

During my time as a school leader, I made plenty of mistakes. Usually, the situation was easily remedied with no harm done. Occasionally, the mistake was a big one with potentially serious consequences. Fortunately, I only made a few serious mistakes during my time in...

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How to Get Unstuck

Last week we dug into the concept of procrastination. Why it serves us, why it hinders us, and how we can grow beyond avoidance. This week, we are going to explore practical ideas for moving past mental blocks and getting work done. In my years of experience working...

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How to Progress Through Procrastination

I am a master avoider. When I don’t want to deal with something, you can find me deeply engaged in another activity that is of no relevance whatsoever. My taxes need to be done? I’d better make that scrapbook of my friend’s baby shower last year that I never even...

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