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Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.
John Maxwell
It is better to be an optimist who gets disappointed than a pessimist who has no hope.
Robin Sharma
Successful schools are dynamic and always exploring best practices.
RB Fast
True leaders don’t create followers they create more leaders.
J. Sakia Sandifer

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  • observation, bee line consulting, montessori leadership, rb fast

Using Observation to Build Parent Trust

Do you know for sure that your school is a great place? How do you know if your teachers are strong and patient? How do you know if the children are thriving? Do you just assume or do you observe [...]

  • crazy parents, parents, parenting, Montessori, Montessori leadership, educational leadership, RB Fast, Bee Line Consulting

A Plea for the “Crazy” Parents

My daughter started 4th grade today. She confidently dressed in her best outfit (a totally mismatched and wildly accessorized ensemble, her favorite kind!) and she hopped in her dad’s truck, ready to conquer another school year with zest. I took [...]

  • enrollment, Montessori leadership, Montessori, rb fast, bee line consulting

Master Enrollment & Transitions

My first foray into school leadership started with enrollment. A major shift in leadership left a vacuum in the office and a tumultuous year at the school caused is tidal wave of disenrollments. At the time, I was the after [...]

  • school email; rb fast; bee line consulting; montessori leadership

Why You Should “Own” All School Email

Remember that time we talked about how your teachers probably shouldn’t be using their personal cell phones (and other electronic devices) while they were on the clock or for work purposes? We’re going to have a similar talk today about [...]

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Ready to get your see school leadership through a new lens and connect with other savvy school leaders like you?

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