As part of my mission to influence Montessori leaders to build truly inclusive culture in their schools, I’m expanding the blog to include posts from Montessorians of diverse backgrounds, cultures, identities and abilities.

Are you a writer passionate about anti-bias, anti-racist education and leadership in Montessori schools?

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Project Description

School leaders need more access to information and resources on how to include, celebrate, and support diverse communities of students, parents, and staff.

Montessori teachers and leaders working in schools have a unique and important perspective worth sharing. People of the Global Majority, people thriving with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ humans, and those with intersectional identities who work in Montessori are best qualified to guide school leaders through ideas and practices in serving their communities.

Therefore, Bee Line Consulting is hiring writers who fit the above description(s) to educate Montessori school leaders through our blog.

Montessori writers are welcome to submit your ideas for how to make our schools more inclusive through intentional leadership.

Project Scope

Writers are asked to pitch two to three topic ideas related to their specific expertise and personal context.

The target audience for the Bee Line consulting blog is Montessori school administrators. Writers will be expected to frame their post in language that specifically speaks to this audience.

  • Supporting diverse parent populations
  • Enrollment & transition practices to change
  • HR practices to question & change
  • Curriculum pitfalls (Cultural – Grace & Courtesy)
  • Coaching diverse teachers
  • Helping privileged adultss see their blind spots

In partnership with RB Fast, writer will select a final topic. A mutually convenient due date for a first draft will be determined. Writers are asked to produce 400-600 word essays specific to the selected topic.

Writers will be paid $75.00 per essay. A $25.00 deposit will be made upon commencement of the agreement and the balance of $50.00 will be paid upon final delivery of the post.

Are you excited about sharing your ideas with Montessori leaders around the world? Send in your submission today!

Your story matters and it should be told in your voice.

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In Peace,


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