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Your event is important. It needs to be fun, meaningful, and leave people feeling inspired and empowered. From intimate settings to a room full of people, I love connecting in a meaningful way with a group of thoughtful and committed individuals, especially when everyone is working toward a common cause.

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Montessori Trainings & Workshops

A Guide to Cosmic & Peace Education

Cosmic and Peace Education are fundamental aspects of the Montessori curriculum. Yet, their overt curricular applications don’t begin until the second plane of development. In this workshop, we will explore the concepts behind Cosmic and Peace Education. Teachers will discuss how the school is already approaching this and develop ideas for new ways to enrich the prepared environment to further deepen the children’s connections to peace and the cosmos.

Emergent Curriculum

Emergent curriculum uses the interests of the children as the primary source for units of study. It pairs perfectly with Montessori materials at the Primary and Elementary level. The teacher turns a keen eye and ear to the ideas, questions, and experiences the children have, then uses that prompt to introduce new materials or activities into the learning environment. Together we explore practical strategies for implementing this Reggio-influenced approach with fidelity to the Montessori approach.

Preparing the Environment

Montessori assistant teachers are such valuable members of our classrooms. We want them to feel confident in their approach to working in the learning environment. This means they need to know not only what to do but why they are doing it. A well-prepared Montessori environment is meticulous from the start and refreshed throughout the day. Here is your opportunity to ensure that your assistants approach every preparation activity enthusiastically and with the right information!

Refresh & Reflect

Running and effective school is a team effort. Every member of the team is critical to your school’s success. In this workshop attendees will reflect individually and work in small groups to identify the school’s greatest strengths as well as areas for improvement and growth. As a team, administration, lead teachers, assistant teachers, and other critical staff members will start a conversation about how to preserve the school’s strength while exploring opportunities for positive change.

Collaboration, Context, & Clarity

Leadership is more than just doing what needs to be done to keep enrollment up and your regulators happy. That’s just management. Being a true leader requires not just knowing what to do, but how to do it in a way that is efficient, smart, and respectful of everyone involved. In this workshop school leaders are invited to explore strategies for increasing their use of collaboration, context, and clarity in everything they do. Individual and group activities keep the conversation lively and the learning meaningful!

Board & Staff Retreats

School Board

This two day retreat is designed to dig deep into school culture, goals, and beliefs. In depth, mindful team building will lay a foundation for effective strategic planning. Your administrative team and teachers/board members will not only start a conversation about building upon existing strengths to achieve new goals, but you will make a plan for connecting with and supporting one another on a regular basis.

You will develop ideas that are aligned with your shared vision for the school. You will use a comprehensive strategic planning workbook that will guide your team through a goalsetting process with timelines and accountability. This workshop takes the pressure off of individuals and shares the expectations and timeline across the team.

In Day Two we go step-by-step through the strategic planning workbook and facilitates goal-setting and structuring accountability. We develop deeper understandings by moving beyond the “what” and into the “how” and “why” of your transforming school culture. Everyone has buy-in as we develop our vision and strategy as a team!

Day Two can be consecutive to Day One or can be scheduled for another in service that is within 60 days of Day One.

Keynote Address

Collaboration, Context, & Clarity

Every leader is molded from a story of challenges and triumphs. I help leaders see the potential in themselves to be transformational in their approach by reflecting on my own story. By leaping from the ashes of a terrible start in life and accepting the love, patience, and guidance of mentors I built a path to leadership. This story will keep your audience captivated and leave them inspired to engage their strengths and fearlessly create the life they desire!

Previous Presentations

2016 Montessori Education Programs International Conference – Kiwah Island Resort, SC

-Workshop Presenter: A Montessori Guide to Leadership


2016 Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference – Denver, CO

-Workshop Presenter: A Montessori Guide to Leadership


2016 AMI Refresher Course – Los Angeles, CA

-Facilitator: Montessori Public Policy Initiative Forum


2015 Montessori in the Mountains Conference – Estes Park, CO

-Workshop Presenter: Emergent Curriculum in the Montessori Classroom


2015 AMI Refresher Course – Atlanta, GA

-Forum Presenter: Public Policy & State Coalitions


2014 NAEYC National Conference and Expo – Dallas, TX

-Workshop Presenter: Emergent Curriculum in the Montessori Classroom


2014 Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference – Denver, CO

-Workshop Presenter: Collaboration, Context, & Clarity: The Three C’s for a Successful School


2013 ECEA & CMA Leadership Bootcamp – Aurora, CO

-Workshop Presenter: Collaboration, Context, & Clarity: The Three C’s for a Successful School

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