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I believe that Montessori leaders are unique and Montessori leadership requires specific support and information that isn’t readily available. That is why I created this blog. It is a space to share ideas and information that is not only useful, but inspiring. 

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Recent posts:

Make the Most of Teacher Inservice Days

Make the Most of Teacher Inservice Days

When I was a young teacher at a small school, teacher inservice days were my favorite. We always took an extra-long lunch and went to the all you can eat Indian food buffet nearby. The building was jubilant on those days. We were a scrappy, young school and we rolled...

What To Do When Your School Gets Bad Reviews Online

What To Do When Your School Gets Bad Reviews Online

Recently a Montessori school leader posted on facebook about a problem she was having. A family disenrolled from her school and was waging a campaign of bad reviews online. She really believed they handled the situation appropriately with this family. She wanted to...


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