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I believe that Montessori leaders are unique and Montessori leadership requires specific support and information that isn’t readily available. That is why I created this blog. It is a space to share ideas and information that is not only useful, but inspiring. 

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Recent posts:

Set Up Your Office for Teacher Connection

Set Up Your Office for Teacher Connection

Staying connected with teachers is important for administrators. It can also be challenging. You have a lot on your plate and remembering to regularly check in 1:1 with every staff member can be tough, especially if your school is large. For sure, you should be...

Your New Mantra for Project Management

Your New Mantra for Project Management

School leadership often boils down into two activities: having conversations and project management. My experience as a school leader was certainly like this. There was always another conversation to be had, another task to complete, another big project or event to...


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