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  • She covers difficult leadership issues in a very real way!
  • Very personable and humorous.
  • I love her storytelling!
  • She gave us time to dialogue and think.
  • Great presentation skills and I loved the exercises.
  • So much great information to take away with me!
  • RB is engaging and enlightening.
2018 Conference Attendees

American Montessori Society

RB’s familiar language and storytelling captivate and inspire audiences.

Professional expertise and personal experience blend perfectly into an experience that speaks to every person in the audience.


  • How to Have Difficult Conversations

  • BOLD Leadership for Schools & Nonprofits

  • Overcoming Trauma & Adversity to Lead

  • Montessori Philosophy & History

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Online Entrepreneurship

  • Urban Farming & Down-to-Earth Wellness

  • Strategic Project & Time Management


RB serves as an organizational leadership coach and consultant for schools and nonprofits. She travels the globe facilitating retreats and speaking at events on the topics of leadership, child development, equity, and personal strength.


When she isn’t hopping around the world supporting schools and nonprofits, you are likely to find her in her garden or in her kitchen making culinary magic for her family and friends.


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