Confession…I am a shameless mom. I will talk about the good, bad, and ugly parts of parenthood with anyone. I think being real about our lived experiences is so important.


My launch into motherhood was traumatic and messy.


I’m not afraid to talk about it, either! Until now, those conversations have been private. That changed this week when I sat down with Sara Dean for the Shameless Mom Academy podcast


We not only discussed our family’s rough start, we also touched on blessings, advocacy for everyday people, health care policy, entrepreneurship, and prioritizing your physical space. 


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Here is a clip from the show notes for the interview:


RB started her journey into motherhood as a full-time student and bartender who could only afford to take 9 days of maternity leave.  9 days.  The journey inspired her to take conscientious action to create a more powerful life.  Today, she is very thoughtful and intentional in how she weaves social justice and advocacy into her parenting and her professional work with non-profits.

Listen in to hear RB share:

  • The value of creating your own beautiful space
  • Her 9-day maternity leave and the postpartum depression that followed
  • What life was like working as a bartender until 3:30 am and being a full-time student with a newborn baby
  • How she started a business by making a list of her skills and posting it to Facebook
  • Survival vs perfectionism – and why survival mode is way more productive and perfectionism might be a luxury you can’t afford
  • The importance of learning and listening to others stories/experience/perspectives
  • The advocacy path à la learning/questioning/action


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This interview is more personal than I’ve ever been in an interview before. Join me for an intimate look at my life behind the scenes. Mindset issues, anxiety, and serious persistence are all a part of my story.


After you’ve listened, I’d LOVE to hear from you! What resonated with you in this episode? What surprised you? Tell me about something you struggled with and are working to overcome or have already come out successful. Your stories matter to me and I genuinely want to hear from you!