A strategy that works. A team that works together.

An organization that flourishes.

It may sound like a pipe dream, but it’s possible.

Results Retreats will lead you there.

You are facing a challenge.


You’ve been through an unsettling transition.


Your organization has unrealized potential.


You have a lot of new board or staff.


Trust is low. Turnover is high.


Your strategic plan is a stale document—just words, no action.


You see so much potential, but getting organized and making progress is tough.



Things aren’t working. But they could be.

It’s time to regroup, clear up confusion and misunderstandings, develop strategies and build accountability.  It’s time to align with and rally around your vision.


Results Retreats transform organizations.


You’ll gain clarity around the issues that keep coming back to haunt your organization so that you move past problems instead of getting stuck dealing with them again and again.

Practical Strategies

We’ll develop strategies for moving toward your organization’s most critical goals instead of spending all your time putting out fires or rehashing the same things over and over.


And we’ll create systems and accountability to keep you moving forward rapidly.

You can do great things if you get out of your own way!


Is a Results Retreat right for you?


Clarity, strategy, deeper connection . . .  it sounds good, but your organization is really struggling right now.

There is a lot going on. Won’t talking about problems make them worse?

Talking about the problems in your organization may make people uncomfortable, angry even.

But letting things fester without addressing them never solves problems.

Engaged Teams

Results Retreats moves your team to deeper connection to each other and to your organization and your vision.

A retreat gives new team members a chance to get up to speed and bond with others quickly.


And while having experienced staff and board members is an asset, sometimes you need to re-engage people and remind them about the big picture or about their own passion for your mission.


It is Worth the Time & Money

It’s hard to get committees or teachers to meet for an hour never mind get everyone together for two days.

You probably thinking you’re better off spending your time and money getting work done.


Are you really?

I’ve worked at all levels in schools and nonprofits and know that budgets are always tight.

You could find many worthy programs or materials to spend the money on. But at the end of the day, nothing would change.

What if you invested that money into working more effectively and efficiently, so that you could see the growth you’ve been dreaming about for so long?

What if things actually changed and your organization started flourishing instead of merely functioning?

You need results.


You’re not the first leader to worry that a retreat might be a waste of time and money. The truth is you can’t afford to keep going the way you are going.

Leaders who have taken the leap are seeing changes in their organization.


They are still working through it all—putting time toward organizational growth and having challenging conversations. But they’re also breathing a little sigh of relief. Because they’re moving in the right direction instead of spinning their wheels or backsliding slowly.

RB’s real understanding of the struggles and the joys of leadership has given me the reassurance that I am on the right track, that I do have the ability, and really, most importantly, that I’m not alone. Working with RB reassured me that I did have the strength to do the hard things and helped me move forward to not stay stuck in my hesitation.

Melissa Aller

Founder & Head of School, Trinity Montessori

This retreat was a ten out of ten. Better than I could have ever expected!

Theresa Falavigna

Owner, Blossoming Hill Montessori

Results Retreats Deliver


I know that it’s all about results. That’s why it’s right there in the name. We’ve all done workshops and retreats that feel good and end on a positive note, but don’t change anything in the long run. Results Retreats are different.


The effectiveness of your retreat isn’t just about the days your team comes together. An effective retreat relies on the right set up—and even more on what happens afterward.


I know it’s hard to get everyone together. That’s why I make sure you get as much out of those two days as possible.

But it doesn’t end there…


Many retreats are ineffective because there is no plan for taking action on ideas developed at the retreat. And even if there is a plan, nobody is responsible for reporting on progress toward goals.


With Results Retreats you leave not just feeling good about ideas—but with a plan to act on those ideas.


And the support continues.


Before the Retreat


I’ll review critical organizational documents to make sure I’m clear on your mission, goals, vision and issues—and to see if there are ways to streamline your processes.


I’ll also survey attendees to customize your experiences. I’ll use results to shape what we do and share the results at the retreat.


At the same time, I’ll talk with leadership to get their perspective on the most critical issues to address, sticking points for the organization, and anything else relevant to making meaningful change.


After the Retreat


Of course, once you get back to work, the same fires keep cropping up threatening to derail you. But we’re not done yet. You get two follow up support calls to overcome obstacles, refine your plan, or re-engage.


One retreat can help, but the truth is one retreat is not a cure all that will fix everything.


That’s why I offer a discount when you book your second retreat. (Whoa . . . more than one retreat? Yes, I’ve seen it make an amazing difference to organizations, but let’s talk about one for starters.)


What are some real, practical results you can expect?


    • Improved systems and operations—So often things don’t work smoothly because the old way of doing things just doesn’t work well. Looking at how and why you work the way you do can streamline the way you work, have effective ways to deal with issues that arise, and allow your people to spend more time working toward your vision than getting mired in day-to-day operations
    • Effective committee work—When committees and the board work effectively, you stop rehashing committee work at board meetings and take action. This leads to less duplication of work, lower frustration and more results. And once you move forward, on one project or task, you have time and energy to turn to other issues.
    • A living plan—Is your strategic plan a dead document hiding on somebody’s hard drive? Does your staff deeply believe in it? Let’s transform it to a living document that gets handled regularly as you  implement action step by action step.
    • Deeper connections—Spending time reflecting on the moment each person fell in love with the organization can re-energize and re-engage your team and strengthen bonds between people and toward the organization. These changes can bring new life to projects and improve interpersonal teamwork.
    • Action toward your goals—Is strategic planning or more fundraising on your agenda? Do you have new people you need to bring into the fold with team building? Retreats move you toward the goals most essential to your organization.


Results Retreats are powerful and purposeful.


There’s no fluff—simply two days focused on moving your organization forward.


Are you ready to take the first step? Let’s talk.


I want to know what your organization needs and show you how I can help.



Hi, I’m RB Fast. I help school and nonprofit leaders move from putting out fires to leading with vision by establishing smart systems and using compassionate candor to connect with the people and programs in their community.


I believe in the power of retreats to bring people together and improve organizations.


My experience as a teacher, administrator, parent and coach is the lens through which I facilitate retreats.


Honesty, mindfulness, and compassion are the tenets of my personal leadership style.


I love helping organizations move from dysfunction or stagnancy to connection and vibrant growth.


Your organization CAN find trust again, CAN overcome turnover, failed leadership and bad blood to feel connection again.
Your organization CAN get past issues that come up again and again. It CAN move toward and serve your community.
Your organization can achieve great things and flourish.
And you don’t have do it alone. Your organization deserves to move forward. I can help.
No two retreats are the same, so book a free call and we’ll talk about exactly what your organization needs the most to get results.

Let’s talk.

Results Retreats include:


  • Review of critical organizational documents
  • A pre-retreat survey of attendees
  • Pre-retreat interview with leadership
  • Customized retreat experience based on pre-retreat research
  • 2 focused days led by a facilitator experienced in school and nonprofit leadership
  • Survey results shared and analyzed at the retreat
  • Strategic coaching during retreat days, specific to your needs
  • 2 follow up support calls
  • A discount on a second retreat
  • Support from me every step of the way!


Imagine a strategy that works, a team that works together, an organization that flourishes.

Let’s make it happen.

Do one simple thing today:


Schedule a free consult to talk about what your organization needs.


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Step off of the hamster wheel!

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