30 Day School Leadership Course

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Ready to take meaningful action towards becoming a

stronger school leader?

With visionary insights and practical tips on improving your leadership game, you will come out of this course with a fresh perspective on yourself as a school leader!

What do I get in the 30-Day School Leadership E-Course?

This course is packed with information and resources!

  • My mini e-book: 5 Time Saving Strategies for Busy School Leaders
  • Strategies for systematizing your office.
  • Ideas for how to be a transparent and visionary school leader.
  • A PDF download featuring meditations on leadership through the lens of Montessori.
  • Ideas for building a curated online presence for your school.
  • Support in building strong community with the parents in your school.

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30 Day School Leadership E-Course

Leadership Course Includes:

1.) Montessori Leadership book by RB Fast

2.) Guide to an organized office

3.) Unique time management strategies

4.) Emotionally intelligent leadership interview w/ expert Kari Knutson

5.) Guide to transparent and visionary school leadership

6.) Seven strategies for building trust with parents

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