You are here because serving children and families is at the core of who you are as a human.

This work resonates with you deeply and you know you are in the right place serving the right people.


Now, you just need to figure out how to cram twenty-seven hours into a day and duplicate yourself at least once!

Or, maybe you just need a little bit of support and a few resources to get your daily work wrangled into a realistic plan.


You might need to do some serious work with your staff to build the culture you envision.

The school might need an emergency plan or an updated enrollment process.

You could probably use a little bit of inspiration along with a few practical ideas on leadership.

Maybe, you’re ready to invest in some one on one leadership coaching for you, because great schools have great leaders.



I’ve been coaching and mentoring school leaders for a few years now.


Along the way, I’ve supported some incredible people who made the investment and saw dramatic results in themselves and in their schools.


Here’s what they have to say:

RB’s real understanding of the struggles and the joys of leadership has given me the reassurance that I am on the right track, that I do have the ability, and really, most importantly, that I’m not alone. Working with RB reassured me that I did have the strength to do the hard things and helped me move forward to not stay stuck in my hesitation.

Melissa Aller

Founder & Head of School, Trinity Montessori

RB is one of those people with a really high capacity for getting things done. There’s a saying, ‘give the task to the busiest person in the room – they’re the one who knows how to accomplish things` that is definitely true with her. RB is also very strong at networking, building coalitions, and communicating the Montessori message. She is a great ambassador of Montessori with the wider community.

Karen Farquharson

Founder & Principal, Montessori del Mundo

Have you ever wished for a community of like-minded progressive school leaders?


A place where you can go to vent your frustrations, ask for help, and celebrate your big wins with people who really “get” you?

Good news…it exists!


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