Weekends in my world are pretty routine. We are early risers in my house and we like to relax first thing.

My husband and I always start the day with coffee on the couch. We read magazines and talk about our family, politics, our big dreams, and our plans for the day. I avoid the online world most weekends.

It is a slow, relaxing start to what are usually very busy days.

That slow start on weekend mornings is very intentional. I know there are plenty of things I can leap into right when I wake up. We always have some sort of house remodel or garden project going. This little consulting business of mine and his custom furniture business are both ready for attention at anytime.

But I know that building in a planned time to relax and find joy in my days is a smart move.

This isn’t the only way that I relax and have fun. I also schedule at least one night per week to host friends for dinner. I have lunch with different close friends a couple times each month. My life is full of pre-scheduled joy, because I know I need to plan it in order to make it happen.

Life is full of busy nonsense. We can tell ourselves all the lies about how there just isn’t time to slow down. But those are lies.


If you are reading this and feeling incredulous. “She doesn’t understand how busy things are right now for me.”

If you are reading this and feeling tired. “I don’t even know how to think about building in time to relax.”

If you are reading this and feeling hopeful. “Maybe it could be less stressful than it is right now.”

Join me on Thursday for a live planning event.

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We’re going to get our arms around everything you “have” to do before the year ends in a few weeks. Together, we will break down your obligations, goals, and need for relaxation.

You are building a plan for getting it all done, while making space for yourself.

This webinar is live and you will share and connect with other dedicated leaders like you while I lead you through a comprehensive reflection and planning process.

You walk away from the webinar with a week-by-week plan for serving your school, being with your family, and taking time for yourself through the rest of the year.

Build some relaxation and joy into the end of your year. Join me for the 2017 Planning Party TOMORROW, Nov. 16th at 4:00pm Mountain Time.

You deserve it!

When you register for the 2017 Planning Party you get:
  • Link & password to join the live webinar
  • Live video chat w/ other school leaders
  • Free BONUS planning tools
  • Recording of webinar
  • Exclusive access to a FUN opportunity!

Thursday, November 16th @ 4:00 pm MT

$37.00 for live webinar & recording

  • ​Thursday, November 16th 2017
  • 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm – Mountain Time
  • Live video webinar, link shared after registration
  • Video recorded for those who cannot attend live