Do you identify as an “organized” person? What does that word mean to you?


Many people associate organization with physical space. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that I think that an organized office is key to being a successful leader.


To me, being organized is about more than having a tidy desk and a good filing system. BOLD leaders also thoughtfully manage their time and resources. This is a different kind of organization, but it is just as important for successful leadership.


Read on for all of the qualities of an organized leader and ask yourself how each one resonates:


My workspace is tidy and easy to use.

The leader knows that organized workspaces prevent wasted time and frustration. As a role model for employees, the leader also understands that the staff is noticing their workspace and making assumptions about what is acceptable.


It is comfortable for people to meet with me in my space.

The leader’s workspace is a welcoming environment for all people. It is universally accessible and genuinely comfortable.


My organization has people responsible for keeping our physical spaces clean and beautiful.

The leader understands the importance of creating a positive sense of place for the people in the organization. Hiring people to ensure that the physical space is clean and beautiful keeps employees happy and operations smooth.


I use my time wisely and consistently to accomplish my goals.

The leader is clear on their major priorities for the day. They work to mitigate disruptions and they know how to focus on what matters. The leader not only sets goals, but consistently accomplishes them.


I engage in regular (weekly/quarterly) reflection and planning exercises.

The leader knows that the reflect > plan > do process is key to successful leadership. They make time to slow down and get intentional. By modeling this behavior for their staff, they facilitate a culture of reflection and planning throughout the organization.


I am always on time for meetings and appointments.

The leader is conscientious about respecting other people’s time. They know that people’s perception of their strength as a leader is tied to how and when they show up to meetings. The leader understands that overextending themselves via scheduling is a disservice to everyone.


I understand our organization’s budget well and I efficiently manage our expenses and use of resources.

The leader knows the budget thoroughly and can speak to the details of how money is spent. They meet regularly with their finance team and they understand exactly how budgetary choices will impact programs.


I actively engage in fundraising and/or public awareness for our organization.

The leader knows that they are the public face of their organization and they value their reputation. They build relationships with other community leaders and seek opportunities for programmatic funding.


Employees in my organization can digitally and manually access all policies, documents, and information they need to keep their files up to date and do their jobs.

The organization has accessible software and systems designed to ensure the leader and other administrators are not a bottleneck in sharing information. A person is assigned the job of regularly updating the policies, documents, and information.


Being an organized leader isn’t just about ensuring your success, it is about the success of everyone on your team and served by your program.


Establishing efficient systems saves time and money. More importantly though, it reduces stress and builds trust. It is hard to feel confident with a disorganized leader at the helm.


Organization is a show of strength.


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