Let's do a checkup of your board's health & effectiveness!

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You work in service to the world.


That’s why you chose to build a career in nonprofit leadership.


You may face a lot of challenges and frustrations, but you know the work you do matters and you are committed to making a difference.


You know you cannot operate in an echo chamber.

Seeking expertise and support from outside is key to organizational strength.

Strategically strengthen and grow your organization while serving out your mission and building strong board-staff relationships.

One on one support for key leaders in your organization. Customized to each individual’s unique needs & tied to your mission.

A deep dive into the people and processes driving your organization with seriously transformative results! COMING SOON

You know what your organization needs, and you are smart enough to know that trying to do it by yourself is a mistake.


You might need some mentorship as you navigate choppy waters.

The board might need an annual retreat designed to get serious results.

The organization’s top leaders might be ready for a comprehensive 360 review.

Maybe it’s time for some strategic planning.


How can I help you make your next move the best move?


Let's do a checkup of your board's health!

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