Who is the best boss you ever had? Picture that person in your mind.


What was it about that person that made them so memorable as a leader?


They were probably good at performing the functions of their job, but I bet they were also a person who projected levity and cared about you as a human. They showed a genuine interest in you and they made work a fun place to be.


BOLD Leaders foster a work culture in which levity and humanity are celebrated and respected.


What does that look like? Read on and see how you measure up!


I feel joyful in my work and I share that joy openly with my team.

The leader not only believes in the organization’s mission, but also believes that they are in the right role to serve the mission. They feel openly grateful for their work and they celebrate the joy of service with everyone around them.


I actively foster a culture of celebration in the organization in multiple ways.

The leader engages in both formal and informal celebrations of the programs and the employees. Through conversations, annual reviews, public accolades, notes, parties, gifts, special treats, and investment in individuals the leader celebrates in myriad ways.


Laughter is commonplace amongst our employees.

The leader knows that people who think work is fun and like their co-workers are going to show up and do their best. A culture that fosters joy is one in which all people participate in humor based in shared values.


When a staff member has a serious event in their personal life, our organization is equipped to give them paid time off.

The leader understands that humans come with complications. When a serious event impacts their home, health, family, or community of identity, they need space to focus their attention without loss of income. The leader knows that these issues are inevitable and plans accordingly.


Our organization has a plan and resources for supporting employees experiencing grief.

The leader values the humans in the organization and knows that loss is inevitable. The organization is ready to respond and support any employee facing a significant loss. There is a budget for sending acknowledgement and a protocol for ensuring they have appropriate support when they return to work.


I take the time to acknowledge major events in my employee’s lives.

The leader celebrates the personal accomplishes and milestones in the lives of staff. They know that marriages, births, graduations, and other achievements are meaningful. Employees feel seen as whole people.


When my employees have ideas for making change, I hear them out and try their ideas whenever possible.

The leader fosters collaboration at all levels of the organization and seeks dynamic approaches to serving the mission and meeting the needs of staff. They listen to their people and trust them.


When a staff member comes to me with a problem, I take the time to listen and offer them support or resources.

Every employee is treated with kindness and dignity. The leader values all people in the organization and meets them where they are at when they express a need.


Are you celebrating levity in your workplace and respecting the humanity of all the people around you? I bet you are, because I know how much you care. But maybe there is something on this list that has you thinking you could do more.


You can use the BOLD Leadership self-assessment to find your leadership strengths and make a plan for filling in gaps. After completing the assessment you will know your strengths and weaknesses in all eight areas of BOLD Leadership.


Together, we can make a plan for using your strengths to help you reach your maximum potential as a leader. Learn more about how to work with me here.

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In the meantime, join me for a webinar on February 8th. “Have the Conversation: A Communication Webinar for BOLD Leaders.”


Celebrating the humanity of your people is so much easier if you are comfortable with difficult conversations. Let’s work on it together!

What are your BOLD Leadership qualities?

Take the BOLD Leadership self-assessment and find out today!

  • Broad Knowledge
  • Buoyancy & Adaptability
  • Organized
  • Open to Diverse Perspectives
  • Levity & Humanity
  • Luminary
  • Deliberate
  • Daring

Find out what makes you BOLD!

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