We deal with a lot of crazy situations as leaders. They often involve confidential information, which means we can’t talk about it with any objective friends or colleagues. So instead  we sit alone with the worry, frustration, guilt, exasperation, and confusion brought on by the situation.

Leadership is a lonely business.

You hold all the things. You are ultimately responsible for everything. And yet, you often can’t really talk about it openly and deeply with anyone.

When I was working as a leader in a school, I often felt very isolated. There wasn’t anybody at my school or in my pool of local colleagues with whom I could fully discuss the challenges I was facing in my role.

After I left that role to start Bee Line Consulting, I felt isolated in a different way. Here I was working all by myself from my house and trying to build an online business. I had nobody to talk to or support me. There was no one in my immediate world who really understood what I was going through.

Then I learned about a Mastermind program designed specifically for women who are building online brands from home while balancing motherhood. That is exactly what I’m doing, so I signed up!

Let me tell you, this was the best business decision I could have made. I not only got amazing coaching and resources that helped me move toward my vision with purpose, but I found a real community.

The women in my business mastermind know exactly what I’m going through. They offer me grace and compassion when I need it. If I’m stuck in a project they cheer me on or point me towards information and resources. They share their stories and I learn from them.

We are a tribe.

I didn’t know I needed a tribe until I found one, but it has changed everything for me.

Working inside of my business mastermind made me realize what a big void there is for leaders in the Montessori world. I saw that school leaders were stuck handling operations and struggling to move towards vision.

That’s why I decided to build the Montessori Mastermind, because leaders like you needed a tribe! You deserve to have a space where you can safely connect with other school leaders and share your story. You deserve to get coaching and support that is as individualized for you as the curriculum is for the children. You deserve to do more than just get through the day.

I believe that engaging in the “reflect, plan, do” process within the context of a supportive professional community is your best shot at realizing your full potential as a leader.

Just the other day, Jasmine Darland, founder of The Garden School in Marietta, GA, popped into the Montessori Leadership Facebook group to say, RB just wanted to say how glad I am that I ended up in last year’s Mastermind class! I’m still finding new ways to improve my school every time I do my 90-day plan and the quick review of the program material that accompanies it! Thank you.

Every time I host the Montessori Mastermind, I sit back and observe the beautiful connections people make with one another. Once you become a part of this leadership tribe, you never really leave. There will always be other Montessori leaders at the ready to support you.

This can have an impact on your leadership that is beyond what you could have ever imagined.

“Joining the Montessori Mastermind will always be known as the turning point in the quality of my career as a Montessori school leader.”  -Crystal Koons, Founder, Tree House Montessori

Are you ready for the turning point in your career as a Montessori school leader? I’m ready to support you and introduce you to your leadership tribe!

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