Recently a lot of the school leaders I work with have told me that they feel like they want to quit. Frankly, some of them should because their situations are untenable. For many people, the problem is more a matter of systems and strategy.


If there aren’t solid systems in place, leadership can feel like a never-ending sprint. Of course, we all know that you can’t maintain a sprint for very long, which is why we need to pivot strategically.


Recently, a former client popped into my inbox to give me an update on the crazy year she had. I felt compassion for the difficult set of situations she encountered. I was also thrilled to read the conclusion to her email:


“Needless to say, this school year has been a blur and hundreds of balls were dropped all over the place by all of us just trying to survive. Then this morning out of nowhere I woke up and you popped into my mind. I opened my computer and there were all of your incredibly helpful tools just sitting there waiting to help me get organized and back on track. Thank you. I feel hopeful and confident that we can pull ourselves together and begin to present ourselves on the level of which people are expecting especially with the new campus which significantly increased people’s expectations.”


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You can only sprint for so long…let’s pivot to a steady stride today!
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