Starting a new Montessori school is exciting!


…but where do you begin?


I’ve partnered with Trillium Montessori to bring you a brand new, comprehensive e-course that gives you everything you need to know before starting your new school.


You Learn About…

  • Common pitfalls in school startup and how to avoid them.


  • How to establish your mission and vision statements.


  • The components of savvy enrollment and operations.


  • Strategies for building strong community with teachers.


  • Smart financial strategies for healthy organizations.


  • How to manage your time and avoid founder burnout.

I know a thing or two about starting a school…

I’ve supported dozens of Montessori school founders across the United States as they started new schools. Helping leaders thrive is what I do best! Through financial strategy, hiring, construction, and the first enrollments…I’ve been there to make sure founders are successful.

Through my experience helping people learn how to start a Montessori school, I’ve seen what works…and what gets you into trouble! I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and boiled it down into five simple modules. As you progress through the modules, you will slowly make your plan for how you’re going to get the work done and start your school. By the end of the course, you will know exactly what to do to successfully start your Montessori school.

Research Your Options


Identify Your Values & Vision



Make a Realistic Plan


Do the Work


Start the School of Your Dreams!

Webinar Covers:


  • How to figure out who regulates you and represents you.


  • What to do to build relationships with government officials.


  • How to work with different branches of government.


  • Who is available to support you when you need advocacy.


Stop being busy. Start being savvy.

Step off of the hamster wheel!

Take control of your calendar and start leading your school with vision today. Download these free reflection and planning tools designed specifically for busy school leaders.

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