You believe in your organization’s mission.

You know you are the right person to lead team.

You also know that great leaders are perpetually investing in their personal growth.

You’re ready to start working with a coach who gets you, holds space for you, and pushes you to stretch yourself.

The organization you lead has amazing programs and infinite potential, but there are some roadblocks.

You aren’t quite sure how to navigate all of them and you need someone to call.

Nonprofit Executive Coaching with me is the next step.

Our relationship is equal parts leadership support and organizational strategy.



You need both.


We’ll identify your personal obstacles, acknowledge how they have served you, and establish concrete strategies for shifting your behaviors.


Every time you make a major personal leap, your organization will follow.

You are dedicated to the meaningful work of your organization…

and you know there are things that you could do better.


  • Operational Inefficiencies

  • Communication Breakdowns

  • Outdated Practices

  • Missed Deadlines

  • Staff Turnover

  • Teams Operating in Silos

These are all common problems at nonprofit organizations and they have one common solution: Strategic Leadership.

Hi, I’m RB Fast and I’m an organizational leadership coach.

I work with dedicated, visionary leaders like you every day. As a former nonprofit founder and leader, I know the kinds of challenges you face as you sprint through your days.

My nonprofit clients show up everyday ready to move mountains and implement their mission. They perform super-human feats to serve their communities.

But, in the end, all nonprofit leaders are only human.

Everyone has strengths and room for growth.

Visionary leaders know that focusing on personal development makes their organization stronger.

 You have infinite leadership potential.

Together, we’ll build your leadership acumen by tapping your strengths and scaffolding your weaknesses.


Everything you need to be a leader that inspires dedicated funders and employees while keeping operations tight is already in you.

With a coach, you get the precise attention you need to tap your existing potential.

You’ll work more efficiently and more compassionately.

Here’s the deal: I don’t just work with anybody.

We are going to do some serious work together.


This is a relationship and we need to know if we are a good fit for one another.


Nonprofit Executive Coaching is a serious commitment. I only work with Executives ready for the journey.


It’s likely that I will want to work with you if:


  • Building an inclusive, equitable, and respectful organizational culture is a top priority for you.

  • You have rock solid faith in your organization’s mission.

  • Showing up and doing the work is something you’re committed to.

  • You’re reflective, open to feedback, and ready to grow.

  • Investing time and money in work that matters excites you.

  • Showing up for your community matters to you most of all.

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Does this sound like you? We might be a good fit. Let’s find out!

Book a Curiosity Session with me here and let’s explore how we might work together.

If it’s a good fit, I’ll invite you to apply for a three month coaching package.

My perspective, while going through a very hard time, has been changed and I am now able to shift my experience and possibly my health and well-being because of RB.  I would not have been able to come to these realizations without RB, even though I have been looking on my own for resources and better strategies.  RB made it possible.

Jen GaNun

Founder, Tigress Dance

What comes with coaching?


  • Twelve months of support designed to help you exceed your goals.

  • Two coaching calls per month with support customized to your needs.

  • Goal setting and accountability that is feircely authentic and respectful.

  • Email support between calls – let me read that big email before you send it!

  • 90-day leadership planning tool just for nonprofit leaders like you.


When you invest in yourself, you invest in the success of your organization.

Savvy leaders know this and they take action.

Just go ahead and book the session.

You’ve got everything to gain, especially since the FIRST SESSION IS FREE!

You know what your organization needs.

You know you have some growing to do.

Now you just need someone to help you pull it apart and braid it back together in a way that makes sense and feels manageable.

Let’s see if we are a good fit for one another. Book a FREE Curiosity Session today and let’s talk!

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