Setting up systems that make your organization operate more efficiently and ensure employee success is the job of a leader. When we discover new software or hear a clever idea for project management, we get excited about the possibilities.


In my work as a leadership coach I sometimes see leaders so excited by their new system, that they fail to see how it could be a problem for others. Neglecting to predict the pitfalls leads to low implementation. If there is a low chance of employee success with the new system, they simply won’t use it.


Let’s talk about the three things you must provide to ensure employee success:


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When you give your people the time, training, and tools they need, you show them respect and ensure that new systems don’t just fizzle out. It requires you to slow down and get more mindful about the impact of your decisions. Which leads me to my final point…


Why are you so sure that your new idea/system/software is really what your employees need?


Have you asked them about it? Are you making assumptions followed by announcements? If you aren’t listening to your people, you aren’t staging success.


Before you make any big decisions, please check in with your people and ensure it’s actually what they need.

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