What makes a “great” leader?


Is it skill? Intelligence? Compassion? Some magic combination that we can never truly know?


For the past five years, I’ve been coaching leaders and facilitating workshops with their teams. I’ve taken a deep dive into learning about organizational leadership.


Here’s what I know: truly great organizations have BOLD leadership.


Strong leaders understand that their approach to leadership must be a balanced combination of visionary and strategic. Big ideas and practical approaches thoughtfully woven through the organization’s policies and culture results in thriving programs.


At the end of 2017 I spent a lot of time thinking about what specifically defines a strong leader. Using these definitions, I’ve developed a new methodology for coaching and supporting leaders like you.


I’m calling it the BOLD Leadership Method and I’m so excited to share the framework with you!


BOLD is an acronym I’m using to define four key visionary leadership qualities and four key strategic leadership qualities. For each of these eight leadership qualities, I’m designing tools to support leaders in building their strength in these areas.

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Here are the STRATEGIC leadership qualities of a BOLD Leader:


Broad Knowledge of the organization’s programs and people.

  • The leader has worked in many different roles within the organization or similar organizations. They regularly observe and interact with the organization’s programs and they can speak to both operations and budget with ease.


Organized management of time, resources, and physical spaces.

  • The leader engages in active reflection and planning, keeping a tidy calendar and showing up on time for appointments. Their space is organized and welcoming to other people. They understand the value of their organization’s programs and use their resources wisely.


Levity and humanity are welcomed and celebrated.

  • The leader understands that their organization is powered by humans. They cultivate an environment of respect, support, joy and celebration. They understand that their employees have lives outside of work and they require compassion and flexibility.


Deliberate in considering mission, people, and budget in decision making.

  • The leader has a strong relationship with their staff and they prioritize the organization’s mission in all decisions. They know the budget well and empower appropriate staff with appropriate spending autonomy. The leader is courageous in taking ownership for their choices.


Here are the VISIONARY qualities of BOLD Leadership:


Buoyancy and adaptability through changes and challenges.

  • The leader has clear priorities and a flexible plan that can shift with the unexpected. They have established efficient systems for organizational operations and every employee knows their exact role and expectations. The leader understands they must prioritize personal wellness and appropriate work boundaries in order to do their best work and model for their team.


Open to diverse perspectives, feedback, information, and ideas.

  • The leader is aware of the presence of conscious and unconscious bias in themselves and actively seeks professional development and coaching to identify and eliminate biased beliefs, policies, and behaviors. They nurture a culture of open communication and reciprocal feedback throughout the organization and engage with change when new facts and information call upon them to do so.


Luminary in the community who is trusted and respected.

  • The leader has built a strong professional reputation through formal education, working in the profession, supporting important ideas, and building relationships with people. They are trusted as an expert within their organization and in the community at large. The leader regularly engages with community outside the organization and invites the community into their program.


Daring to have candid conversations and make hard decisions.

  • The leader knows that directly addressing that which is problematic is critical to building a thriving organizational culture. They engage respectfully with people, showing curiosity and holding people accountable when necessary. The leader is comfortable making tough decisions and being the public face for communications under pressure.


What do you think? Are you a BOLD Leader in the making?

This is the new platform I’m using for all leadership coaching. Let’s explore working together and building your BOLD Leadership qualities!

I have limited room for leadership coaching, be sure to book a curiosity session with me today so we can see if we are a good fit for one another!

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