You are an engaged leader. I know that because you are here, taking the time to engage in learning about leadership. But how much do you really know about your organization?

Would you say you have broad knowledge of your organization’s programs and people?

Broad knowledge is one of the eight qualities of BOLD Leadership.

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Are you wondering if you have genuinely broad knowledge of the organization?

Ask yourself how true each of these statements is:


I have worked in multiple lower-level job roles in the organization or similar roles in other organizations.

Bold leaders know what it’s like to be the little guy. They understand the nuances of the daily operations of the organization because they have done the work. Employees respect the leader because the leader reflects them.


I can easily describe the roles of the people in my organization.

Bold leaders know who’s who and how each person contributes to their program. They encourage their employees to use their strengths and celebrate their value to the organization.


I can give a brief, accurate description of my organization’s programs to people who haven’t heard of it before.

BOLD leaders use their broad knowledge to tell their organization’s story. They can speak to more than the mission, they can tell meaningful stories that help people connect emotionally to the program.


I regularly observe and work alongside people at all levels of my organization.

BOLD leaders get out of the office and into the weeds, and are actually helpful when they get there! No job is too menial that they aren’t willing to jump in and help.


I have a strong, positive relationship with my board, partner  and/or supervisors.

BOLD leaders know that partnership and accountability are valuable. They actively seek opportunities to get feedback on their leadership and work in partnership with others to better the organization. They check their ego at the door and get to work!


I have a strong, positive relationship with my employees that includes reciprocal feedback.

BOLD leaders want to know what is really going on in their organization and they build relationships with staff at all levels. They seek to understand what it is like for employees to work with them. They nurture their strengths and give special attention to their personal areas for growth.


 I get an annual review (or conduct an annual stakeholder survey) that includes input from people throughout the organization.

BOLD leaders are committed to hearing feedback from everyone and using it to grow. Because they operate with integrity and in service to the mission, they do not fear formal evaluations that include feedback form multiple stakeholders. They are confident in their work and grateful for the open dialogue about their performance.


I can speak to the specifics of the organization’s goals and how they tie to the budget.

BOLD leaders know that the budget powers the programs and they use their funds wisely. By staying connected to the staff, they see how the budget and programs interact. They use this information to make wise decisions regarding revenue and expenses.


When you read this list, how do you feel? Does it resonate with you?


Check out the complete BOLD leadership self-assessment and see how you stack up in all eight areas! Once you have some goals in mind, let’s talk! I have tools designed to specifically help with building your knowledge and skills in each of the eight BOLD Leadership areas.

The BOLD Leadership self-assessment is comprehensive. When you are done you will have:

  • Clearly identified your leadership strengths
  • Clearly identified your areas of growth
  • Set three goals with specific metrics
  • Know your strongest and weakest BOLD Leadership qualities

This methodology is designed to give you individual support tailored to your specific leadership needs.

It all starts with the self-assessment. Take it today and see what you find out!

What are your BOLD Leadership qualities?

Take the BOLD Leadership self-assessment and find out today!

  • Broad Knowledge
  • Buoyancy & Adaptability
  • Organized
  • Open to Diverse Perspectives
  • Levity & Humanity
  • Luminary
  • Deliberate
  • Daring

Find out what makes you BOLD!

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