I’m RB Fast and I’m a leadership coach and speaker.

I help school leaders move from putting out fires to leading with vision by establishing smart systems and using compassionate candor to connect with teachers and parents.

When I’m not supporting school leaders you can find me volunteering as an advocate for Montessori education or cooking up the vegetables I just harvested from my garden with my family close by.

My experience as a teacher, administrator, and parent is the lens through which I coach school leaders. Honesty, mindfulness, and compassion are the tenents of my personal leadership style.

Supporting leaders like you as they build their dreams and grow professionally is my greatest satisfaction.

I would be honored if you joined my community of mindful school leaders. I promise to send you lots of useful tools and resources and get you connected with other inspiring leaders!

Bee Line Consulting is an inclusive company for all people. I want to be very clear about what I believe in so that you can decide if you really want to be a part of my community.

I believe that:

  • Education is a right not a privilege.
  • Schools should be safe, accommodating, and welcoming for all people.
  • Gender is a spectrum and binary gender norms are dangerous.
  • There is no one right religion or spiritual practice.
  • White privilege is very real in most of the world and white people have a responsibility to actively dismantle it.
  • Structural racism and structural classism are prevalent in our education system.
  • Sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and misogyny are prevalent, problematic, and in need to be addressed directly through policy.
  • No child should ever be homeless or hungry. Period.
  • Climate change is real and environmental advocacy is imperative.
  • We have a responsibility to actively engage in civics and advocate for people who live in the margins of society.

Want to join me on the journey of radically loving yourself and everyone else, without boundaries? Join the Hive and let’s get real about how school leadership and the needs of humanity intersect.

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