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The season of gratitude is here and it is a perfect time for you to reflect on how so many people have showed up to support you and work alongside you this year. Gifts of gratitude are a time-honored way to show appreciation to those who have made your life and work a little better.

Teachers and parent volunteers are such critical parts of your amazing school. Here are my top five appreciation gifts for the 2015 holiday season:


1.) Dessert Inspired Lip Balms

There are so many reasons why I love Eclair Lips. The balms are incredibly luscious and made with 100% natural ingredients.They are my go-to resource for client appreciation gifts.

You know what else I love about this company? If you order your balms in a box it comes with a set of earring hooks and instructions on how to fold the gorgeous paper box into a set of stylish earrings. How fun is that?!

Eclair Lips

You can also order a “subscription” of lip balms as a gift for someone special. At the start of each season, the recipient will get a set of three seasonal flavors complete with a pretty box and earring hooks. What a great way to remind someone how much you appreciate them all year!

If you have a lot of people to buy for be sure to reach out to the shop owner, Sylvie, and ask about bulk pricing.


2.) Personalized Beverage Mug

This gift is perfect if you are looking to give something highly personalized to show you were really thinking about the individual when you ordered. Each mug can be adjusted to reflect a different color, name, and beverage preference based on the individual.


Not only that, but you can monogram the lid too! For under ten bucks, this is a great way to show some personalized appreciation!


3.) Personalized Note Pads

Like the previous gift, this is one that gives you the opportunity to show the teachers in your school a little bit of personalized appreciation. These are a steal at only $4.50!

Owly Paper

The Simply Stamped Invites shop allows you to choose from a variety of images and details for each pad you order. My personal favorite is this owl pad. You can make sure every teacher in your school gets a note pad that truly reflects their unique personality or interests. They will be reminded of your gratitude every time they write a note!


3.) Small Cheese Board

Sometimes a parent volunteer goes above and beyond and you feel the need to really show them how much you appreciate them. A gorgeous handmade cheese board like this one will do the trick.

cheese board

Almost everyone has company over sometimes and wants to serve a little something tasty to their guests. This allows them to do that with pride paired with the memory of how generous and grateful you were.

How do I know these cheese boards make such excellent gifts? Well, because my husband is the craftsman behind Fast Industries. We give his creations as gifts all the time!


4.) Natural Living Beauty

Every room, at home or at school, is better off with plants. Succulents are unique, sculptural, and super easy to keep alive. Tucked into these elegant concrete pots, they become a tiny statement of natural beauty.


Succulents do best in a gravel-rich soil, so be careful how you plant them! The pots featured here are $5 each but can be ordered in sets of 5 for $18. A bargain opportunity to give a sophisticated and unique gift.


I’m a big believer in expressing gratitude in words and with gifts. Showing others that we see what they do and the value they bring to the world is good leadership.

How do you show appreciation to the people who make your school great? Leave a comment and share!