January first is a Monday in 2018. Doesn’t that seem kind of perfect? I’m loving the idea of starting a new year at the beginning of a work week.


I love Mondays (don’t hate me) and New Year’s Day for the same reasons: they are both a fresh start full of possibilities to set intentions and accomplish goals. We can make conscious decisions to start anew or keep our momentum going.


One of my favorite New Year rituals is declaring a word of the year. This word helps me to filter my choices and set my goals with very clear intentions.


For 2017 my word of the year was ALIGN. You can read all about what that word meant to me at the start of the year by clicking here. Using this word supported me as I changed how I serve my clients, used my voice as an advocate, and prioritized health and joy in my use of time and resources.


This year my word of the year is VALUE.


When I choose a word of the year I always develop a series of questions to help me distill how I’m using this word as a tool.

Here are my VALUE questions:


  • What are my most significant values? How am I living them (or not)?
  • Is this opportunity/person/product aligned with my values?
  • How do I provide the greatest value to the schools and nonprofits I support?
  • What is the value of my net worth? How do I ethically increase it?
  • What are the objects and activities that are most valuable to me? What can I let go of?
  • Am I valuing myself by actively caring for myself and charging what I’m worth in my services?
  • Am I helping my clients identify their values and align with them in their practices?
  • How can I be of value to the world without always requiring payment for my knowledge?
  • Do the people in my life value me for who I truly am?
  • Do the people in my life inspire me to live a life aligned with my values?


I really like this word because it has deep meaning and flexibility in application. When I go through the process of selecting my guiding word for the year, I always get this sense of warmth and excitement when the right word comes to me.


Here is a step-by-step process on how to find your word of the year:

  1. Reflect on the past year. (Check out this blog post on reflection.)
  2. Identify the big things you have coming up in the new year: professional, family, travel, health, etc.
  3. What are some of your overarching goals for the coming year?
  4. How do you want to FEEL this coming year? List out your top desired feelings.
  5. What are the common threads in the words/phrases you listed for goals and feelings?
  6. What words or phrases are standing out to you the most?
  7. Get on thesaurus.com and put in some of the words. What other words do you find that resonate with you?
  8. Walk away for several hours.
  9. Review your goals for the year again.
  10. Review the top words or phrases you identified previously.
  11. Choose a couple and write them on sticky notes you put in a visible place.
  12. Meditate on it for a bit.
  13. Choose a darn word and don’t overthink it. If you can’t find a word by step 12…you are probably over thinking it!


Remember, a word of the year is a guiding filter to help you as you make choices and do your work. It is not a magic wand. You must actually use the word and do the work, that’s the actual path to living a life you desire while doing work that is meaningful to you.


Next Thursday, January 4th I’m hosting a 2018 planning party for leaders like you. We will use the Visionary Leadership Planner as a guiding tool as we reflect on 2017 and set intentions and goals for 2018.


If you can’t make the live webinar you can still register. I’ll be sending a recorded replay for everyone who signs up.


When you sign up for the 2018 Spring Semester Planning Party webinar you also get:


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Join us next Thursday, January 4th at 3:00 pm MT for the 2018 Spring Semester Planning Party.

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Have fun and start off the new year with a plan aligned with your goals and values.

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See you on January 4th at the Spring Semester Planning Party. I promise to offer tons of VALUE…see what I did there?